Welcome to Körber Digital

A driving force in the digital revolution



Our ambition

We strive to explore new horizons, ideas and technologies to empower colleagues and customers alike to seize the opportunities of the digital revolution.



Our contribution

Körber Digital shapes and drives the Körber Group’s digital advancement. The Business Area is a nucleus for digital innovation and new digital business models and as such a trusted go-to unit for all topics around the Group’s digitization. Körber Digital enforces and supports the building of new digital businesses for Körber and its companies. Located in the German start-up hotspot Berlin, Körber Digital matches the speedy entrepreneurial spirit of a start-up with the long-term strategic focus of the Körber Group. Striving for progressive disruption, Körber Digital is at the forefront of the digital revolution of the industry.

Körber Digital has 3 key objectives

  1. Drive the digital advancement

    Accelerate the digital advancement of the Körber Group

  2. Build new digital businesses

    Realize untapped potential and create break-through products, services and solutions

  3. Enable and empower people

    Provide digital capabilities and training to enable colleagues to inspire customers and to extend the market and technology leadership of the Körber Group

Besides accelerating Körber’s group-wide digital advancement, Körber Digital is offering its services to interested parties outside the Group.



Our approach

Our attitude



Being whiz and wise at the same time, we are truly committed to driving fundamental change. Our ultimate goal is nothing less than shaping the future of a truly digital world. Whatever we do at Körber Digital is beyond conventions and the expected. It is with great dedication, passion and expertise that we leverage our creativity to achieve the outstanding.

Our performance



We embrace difference and firmly believe in the power of heterogeneity. With a broad range of backgrounds, cultures, skills and experiences, we stand for revolutionary out-of-the-box thinking. For each and every member of our team, sheer problem solving isn’t enough, as we will never settle for anything less than mastering tomorrow’s challenges.

Our style



In a disruptive world, speed is key: Alert and wide-awake, we have all it takes to bring digital innovation from promise to profit. At Körber Digital, we excel in playing our strengths in highly dynamic environments. We combine top-notch business acumen with a great command of complexity to give great ideas that leading edge.



Our location

Located in a vibrant area of Germany's capital and start-up hot-spot Berlin we offer a highly attractive working environment and inspiring breeding ground for outstanding ideas.



Our management

Stefan Kusterer, CTO

Dr. Stefan Kusterer is Chief Technology Officer and Co-Managing Director of Körber Digital and connyun. Previously, he gained IoT experience as Chief Architect IoT and Chief Development Architect and Development Manager at SAP SE.


About Körber

Our supportive investor

With sales of € 2.5 billion in 2018 and around 10,000 employees worldwide, the Körber Group provides excellent market access in a number of industries, strong customer relationships and attractive locations around the globe. The Group comprises leading-edge technology companies with more than 100 production, service, and sales sites worldwide.



Your opportunities

Huge challenges lie ahead and we are looking for rule breakers to tackle them. Here at Körber Digital, each and every one can make a lasting impact. And even if we strive for progressive disruption this will never be at the expense of a respectful workplace where trust truly matters.

Find out more about what we value and look for in detail and maybe you'll find an opportunity that’s been waiting for you.

  • Always challenging the status quo, you would never settle for anything less than a revolutionary outcome.
  • You rate multi-perspective out-of-the-box-thinking and diversity as highly as we do.
  • Momentum is your calling and acceleration makes you grow beyond yourself.
  • You are tech-savvy and straightforward.
  • Striving to be revolutionary and always a step ahead in what we do, we value bold characters.

Please find our most prominent jobs in Berlin and Karlsruhe:

  • Product Owner – Smart Factory (m/f/d)


    • Ability to develop and refine a compelling product vision with attention to detail
    • Engineering bachelor’s degree and a minimum of 5 years of professional experience in owning and delivering digital products
    • Excellent command of English, both written and verbal – German skills are considered a plus
    • Technical understanding of IT, internet technologies and web application
    • Experience with best-practice agile product management tools
    • A background that comprises both solid business understanding as well as an expert understanding of high-quality digital product delivery
    • Project management skills to coordinate and follow-up with stakeholders and the product team
    • Experience working as a part of a team, balancing needs across stakeholders and in a complex business environment
    • Excellent communication skills and the ability to communicate effectively with a wide range of colleagues and stakeholders
    • Strategic and analytical thinking, customer orientation, team-oriented and willingness to travel
    • Willingness, flexibility, creativity, and energy in taking initiative and assuming responsibility
    • Ability to work independently under uncertainty and work pressure
    • Strong work ethic, sense of commitment, and a desire to succeed
    • Highly organized


    • In collaboration with the strategic design team, engage with stakeholders to clarify requirements from the product via email, online meetings, and on-site factory visits
    • Make sure the high-level plan is aligned with stakeholder needs and validate the assumptions over the usefulness of the features with factory representatives from various business areas
    • Maintain high-level plans and provide regular updates on progress to the relevant stakeholders
    • Closely with the strategic design team in collecting ideas and setting priorities for prototyping and development
    • Collaborate with team members to ensure a coherent user experience across the platform is maintained
    • Own the creation and prioritization of the product backlog for specific digital products
    • Oversee the initiation and execution of continuous improvements on the portal in coordination with the team
    • Lead the identification of dependencies between portal features and maintain an updated vision for the product development
    • Lead the communication of milestone planning aspects, milestone goals and feature scope to team members
    • Work with the strategic design team and stakeholders to grant access to the relevant stakeholders to collaboration spaces and the product
    • Prepare columns on product features for periodic communication with key stakeholder groups
  • Strategic UX Designer - Smart Factory Marketplace (m/f/d)


    • 3+ years of relevant experience in conducting user behaviour research, delivering product concepts and building products
    • Bachelors or preferably Master’s degree in Design, Business, Psychology, Strategy, Marketing or equivalent area
    • Experience in user research and user-centric design processes, divergent exploration and conceptual development
    • The ability to synthesise research into concrete recommendations and communicate them to business audiences
    • Entrepreneurial self-starter who is self-motivated, but also a team player with a professional presence
    • A portfolio of work demonstrating strong human-centred design capabilities across a diverse range of projects
    • Graphical and visual design skills, including use of a diverse set of software such as Adobe suite, OmniGraffle, Balsamiq, Azure, or other tools for graphic design, visual design
    • English required, German also beneficial


    Discovery Research

    In order to reduce project risk and clarify the problem we're addressing, you would help undertake various research and synthesis tasks to create reliable basis for product development strategy; understanding and communicating within the team:

    • For whom the SFM should be built
    • What usecases should be build and when
    • The current status of digital maturity is across the group
    • What support is needed in the implementation stage
    • How digital change makers make decisions around tool choice
    • Be present at the customer during first trial/implementations of a use case as an impartial observer to extract lessons learned
    Website Development

    In the area of product design, you will help us create a world class information resource and exchange hub by supporting the product team with the following tasks:

    • Help undertake BA/User discovery research to understand what features needs to build in order to best serve the objectives of SFM
    • Test and gather feedback on emergent versions of the Online Resource
    • Prioritise iterative changes to the product based on synthesised research
    • Wireframe emergent concepts and test with users
    • Execute changes to content and design
    Use Case Market Research & Requirements Engineering

    Support the product fit consultation process:

    • Investigate the general needs and current process related to the usacase
    • Research the solution landscape for a usecase and map the product features
    • Identify the space leaders, demo the solutions and normalize the offerings
    • Gather functional and nonfunctional requirements objectively from customer
    • Map needs to benefits to features
    • Document the scoring process for solution/customer fit
    • Liaise with customer, discuss results and make recommendation
  • Software Engineer - Microservices (m/f/d)


    • A degree in computer science or a comparable course of studies
    • Experience in microservice development: Serverless (Azure Functions, AWS Lambda), Docker based, .Net Core, Spring Boot, Go
    • Working experience with database systems (CosmosDB, IronDB/InfluxDB, Cassandra, PostgreSQL, …)
    • Strong knowledge in design and implementation of evolving (REST) APIs
    • Experience with Kubernetes is a plus
    • Proficiency in at least one of C#, Java, Kotlin, Go, JavaScript (Node.js)
    • Confident in standard software engineering methodologies (TDD, design patterns, clean code, distributed version control, code reviews, CI/CD)
    • Ability to communicate complex technical, architectural and/or organizational problems
    • Comfortable working in a highly agile environment
    • Self-motivated and self-managing
    • Positive and solution-oriented mindset
    • Fluent in English, German is a plus


    • Develop microservices to power cloud native distributed applications
    • Optimize for performance and scalability in highly dynamic IoT systems
    • Design, implement and maintain flexible microservice architectures based on containerization, close to production machines up to user facing UIs
    • Work with a multitude of data sources like databases, message queues, etc.
    • Automate deployment for multi-tenant systems
  • Software Engineer - UI/Frontend (m/f/d)


    • A degree in computer science or a comparable course of studies and have significant experience in the development of web applications
    • Proficiency with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and common UI frameworks as for example React
    • Several years of experience with agile development methods
    • Proactive, structured and team-oriented way of working
    • When it comes to solving complex problems, you stand out through creative ideas and out-of-the-box thinking
    • What drives you is your curiosity and passion for innovative solutions as well as your enthusiasm for the development of trendsetting industry 4.0 products
    • Fluent in English, German is a plus


    • Design and implement user interfaces (desktop, mobile) for our IoT platform and applications using the latest web standards (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript/ES6+) in combination with modern UI technologies
    • Use REST-APIs to connect the UI with cloud-based backend services
    • As a member of our agile project/product teams, you are decisively involved in deciding how the user interface is implemented in the most user-friendly way
    • Expand and improve the functionality of our applications constantly, focused on the wishes and requirements of our customers and their feedback
    • Design software architectures for our products as part of a team and support other front-end developers as a mentor
    • Conceptualize and implement reusable UI components that can be used across products
  • Software Engineer - Kubernetes /m/f/d)


    • A degree in computer science or a comparable course of studies
    • Knowledge on virtualization and containerization (Docker, KVM, Kubernetes) in cloud as well as on-premise
    • Experience developing and running microservice based architectures on Kubernetes
    • CLI scripting skills (Bash)
    • Linux system administration proficiency
    • Work experience with monitoring tools
    • Optional: experience with software management and delivery tools (Puppet, Ansible, Terraform)
    • Confident in standard software engineering methodologies (TDD, design patterns, clean code, distributed version control, code reviews, CI/CD)
    • Ability to communicate complex technical, architectural and/or organizational problems
    • Comfortable working in a highly agile environment
    • Self-motivated and self-managing
    • Positive and solution-oriented mindset
    • Fluent in English, German is a plus


    • Shape usage of Kubernetes clusters for IIoT products in public cloud deployments and/or on-premise
    • Design and operate multi-tenant and multi-product Kubernetes clusters
    • Continually improve usage of Kubernetes clusters inside teams
    • Develop tools for Kubernetes based microservice development and deployment
    • Consult on all things Kubernetes
    • Contribute to Kubernetes
  • UX Designer (m/f/d)


    • Produce and review wireframes and story boards for digital products
    • Clearly articulate design needs and key decisions to business stakeholders across markets and brands collaborating closely with product leads and product owners
    • Design elegant and delightful product experiences as part of a cross-functional agile product team
    • Research, identify and articulate customer needs
    • Build prototypes and design tests to validate customer needs, requirements and behaviors
    • Help product leads and product owners define both long and short-term vision and roadmap for digital products at client digital unit
    • Collaborate with other designers within and cross-team to problem solve design challenges and maintain a level of design consistency and coherence across client products


    • Strong experience in software design and development
    • Experience with designing quality products, as well as enabling business capability and objectives through technology
    • Well-rounded, user-centered design portfolio that spans some combination of web, mobile, tablet, and wearables (AR/VR)
    • Graphical and visual design skills, including use of a diverse set of software such as Adobe suite, OmniGraffle, Balsamiq, Azure, or other tools for graphic design, visual design
    • Experience with conducting user research, usability testing, A/B testing, rapid prototyping
    • Knowledge of agile software development process
  • Accountant (m/w/d)


    • Idealerweise hast du ein abgeschlossenes betriebswirtschaftliches Studium oder vergleichbare kaufmännische Ausbildung mit entsprechender Berufserfahrung
    • Du bestichst durch betriebswirtschaftliche, Controlling - und EDV-Kenntnisse
    • Du konntest 3+Jahre Berufserfahrung im Finanz- und Rechnungswesen (Finanz-, Debitoren-, Kreditorenbuchhaltung) sammeln
    • Sehr gute HGB und IFRS sowie Steuerrecht-Kenntnisse sind von Vorteil
    • Sehr gute Deutsch- und Englischkenntnisse
    • Ausgezeichnete DATEV und Excel-Kenntnisse und hervorragende analytische Fähigkeiten
    • Eigenverantwortliches und unternehmerisches Denken und Arbeiten, sehr gutes Verständnis für Zahlen und unternehmensrelevante KPIs zeichnen dich aus
    • Du bestichst dabei in deinem Arbeiten durch Hands-on Mentalität und selbständige Arbeitsweise, sowie Kommunikationsstärke und Teamfähigkeit


    • Du unterstützt bei der Erstellung von Monatsabschlüssen und übernimmst Zuarbeiten zum internen Reporting
    • Du arbeitest bei der Erstellung von Jahresabschlüssen eng mit unserem Steuerberater zusammen
    • Du übernimmst die Koordination der ordnungsgemäßen Durchführung der Debitoren-, Kreditoren- und Anlagebuchhaltung inkl. des Zahlungsverkehrs für Körber Digital
    • Du verantwortest den Bereichen Cash-Management und die monatliche Umsatzsteuervoranmeldungen in zukünftig mehreren Ländern der EU-Zone
    • Ad-hoc Analysen liegen ebenso in deinem Verantwortungsbereich
    • Du unterstützt die Kreditorenbuchhaltung, von der Verbuchung der Eingangsrechnungen bis zur regelmäßigen Zahlung an unsere Lieferanten
  • Software Engineer - QA (m/f/d)


    • Proven work experience in software development process in a QA role, ideally for web applications
    • Strong knowledge of software QA methodologies, tools and processes
    • Experience in writing clear, concise and comprehensive bug reports
    • Experience working in an Agile/Scrum development process
    • Hands-on experience with both white box and black box testing
    • A high degree of detail-orientation
    • Experience in testing REST API’s using tools like Postman
    • Basic knowledge of SQL is a plus
    • Experience with automated testing tools is a plus
    • English required, German is a plus
    • Experience with performance and/or security testing is a plus


    • Create detailed, comprehensive and well-structured test strategies and test cases
    • Review requirements, specifications and technical design documents to provide timely and meaningful feedback
    • Develop and execute exploratory and automated tests to ensure product quality
    • Introduce test automation methods and tools
    • Identify, record, reproduce and track bugs, performance problems and non-functional issues
    • Participate in and contribute to agile events
    • Track quality assurance metrics, like defect densities and open defect counts
    • Help to manage releases (e.g. preparing release notes)
    • Review user stories

In case you didn't find a suitable job, please have a look at our career portal:
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